Belinda May, Assistant Director

Belinda May teaches anatomy at the School. She qualified from the Bristol Alexander School in 1999.

“In 1986 I was given a book, The Alexander Principle by Wilfred Barlow, which I dutifully decided to read. By the end of the book I was fascinated with the ideas explained and thought I would have a lesson or two to find out what it was really about. So began my association and love of the Alexander Technique.

“At the time I suffered from headaches and ‘poor posture’. Throughout my life I had always being told to stand up straight, but had never imagined the two were connected. I was also very shy and hated being in groups and having to speak out. After my lesson found that I had a very different sense of co-ordination, it felt good. So, I continued with more lessons and in time my headaches left me, my posture was improving and my confidence was increasing.

“The Alexander Technique was helping me so much and the connection of my mind and body intrigued me. I knew I enjoyed teaching one-to-one as I had been a driving instructor for a short time, so I decided to train as a teacher as soon as my youngest child started school.

“I qualified from the Bristol Alexander School in 1999 and set up my teaching practice at home in Blagdon, North Somerset. I have run various introductory courses including assisting on a week-long course for musicians in France, and organised introductory courses for Somerset Council’s Adult Learning programmes.

“At the beginning of 2003 Ali Burrows – then head of training – asked me if I would like to come and teach at the School and take the anatomy session, I naturally said ‘Yes’. I feel very lucky and privileged to work on a training course for many reasons. Working with the students in depth as they study the Technique and learn to apply the principles to their lives; helping them on their journey to become teachers and the wonderfully supportive atmosphere of the School. I find teaching the anatomy session fascinating, the more you learn and discover about the workings of the body the more you realise you cannot separate mind and body.

“In my spare time I enjoy walking with the dog or riding my bike. I also sing with The Trinity Singers, a local choir. With my creative energies I draw, and sew quilts.”

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