Caroline Chalk

Caroline Chalk is our Head of Training. She qualified as an Alexander Technique teacher from A & J Haahr’s School at Dartington Hall in 1984.

“Understanding that the way we think can improve our quality of life is a subject that has fascinated me since I started having Alexander lessons at the age of 11. I had problems with headaches and was painfully self-conscious. Once I started lessons my headaches disappeared and my confidence began to grow.

“I continued with lessons throughout my teens and found applying the Technique to my music and sports – especially my horse riding which soon became a passion of mine – improved my performance and enjoyment enormously. The Technique was making a huge impression on my life and I was becoming more and more enthusiastic about the possibilities that it offered to everyone and so decided to train to be a teacher in order that I could pass these possibilities onto others.

“I work with a wide range of people from many walks of life and I love the way the application of the Technique enables people to make the very best of whatever they are engaged in. I am also a qualified and experienced psychotherapist and bring relevant skills in communication and personal development to my role as head of training.

“I have a private teaching practice working with individuals and groups. I enjoy the mixture of teaching the general public as well as working on the training course. It is important to me that I teach people at all levels because this means I am constantly in touch with what I am training others to do! I have worked at the Bristol Alexander School since 2003 and find it very rewarding being able to work at a more advanced and in-depth level with trainees.

“In my spare time I enjoy travelling and walking in beautiful places with my dog. I go to lots of concerts, I sing in a choir and I love engaging in deep conversation and reading.

“I value the input and companionship of the core teachers at the School very much. I am also grateful to all the visiting teachers that come to Bristol with their own individual ideas, views and outlooks on applying the Alexander Technique to life which contributes hugely to my continual learning process.”

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